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Buy CSGO Accounts of all ranges 

You can buy CSGO accounts from Silver One to The Global Elite and accounts ranging from Private rank 2 To Private Rank 40 (Service Medal).

Secured accounts, fair price

Buy CSGO ranked accounts that are secure and available at fair prices according to – Ranks, Hours, Wins, Medals, Coins, Games, Steam Level & much more. Accounts are only shared with the customers. 

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All Accounts are delivered instantly via email through our Automated Email Delivery System. We provide accounts with the Original Email and CD Key used.

Know All About Buying CSGO Accounts

CSGO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular 4th games developed in the Counter-Strike series. It has been a decade, and the popularity of the series is only growing every day. The game is gaining huge sponsorships, investments, and sponsorships from big brands.

At CSGOSMURFNATION we not just help players buy CSGO accounts; we empower them to unleash the full potential of the game and get the most out of their bucks.

With CSGOSMURFNATION you always start at the top! No matter what your rank is, with CSGO prime accounts, you always win.

What CSGO Accounts Are And How You Can Buy Them

CSGO Accounts for Sale, Buy CSGO Accounts from Csgosmurfnation at low price. We offer Instant Delivery, Live chat support & Lifetime guarantee on all CSGO Accounts

At CSGO SMURFNATION, you can buy cheap CSGO accounts and play competitive matchmaking. When you buy CSGO accounts at SMURFNATION you do not have to play the initial casual games to get private rank 2.

If you have a CSGO account, you pretty much have everything you need to play the game. But to go from being an amateur to being a real winner, you will need a premium CSGO account. With the basic CSGO accounts, you do not enjoy the ranks, badges, boosted profiles, and much more – that you get with CSGO prime accounts.

What CSGO Prime Accounts Are And How You Can Buy Them

CSGO Prime Accounts for Sale, Buy CSGo Accounts with Prime Status from Csgosmurfnation, we offer instant delivery, 24/7 Support and lifetime guarantee on CSGO Accounts

When you buy a CSGO prime account you are no longer an amateur you become a true professional and enjoy – a premium gaming experience, a headstart in the game, get access to exclusive drops, ranking system & XP.
The CSGO prime account status was launched in the initial days to separate the prime players from the non-prime players. Since its early days, the definition of CSGO prime status has changed and the process to qualify has become way more competitive than it was.

Why you should buy a CSGO Prime account?

For one thing, the CSGO Prime Account is for winners! It is challenging to reach a higher rank in prime status, and that can take all the fun out of the game. When you buy CSGO Prime accounts with CSGO SMURFNATION, you not only get the rank in prime status without any hassle you enjoy many other benefits too.

CSGO SMURFNATION is the best marketplace where you can buy CSGO prime accounts. We are always stocked up on all types of ranked CSGO accounts in our inventory. You can buy the best CSGO prime accounts at a fair price. So now be a winner without worrying about the dime you will have to shed to get a great game experience.

Are you still confused about how to buy CSGO Prime accounts? Just send an inquiry and we will guide you to buy the best accounts.

What CSGO Smurf Accounts Are And How Can You Buy Them

Practice makes one perfect! And that is what CSGO Smurf accounts let you do. Let us explain. Sometimes players with great skillsets want to get better at their game, so they play with lower rank CSGO accounts with the CSGO Smurf accounts. These players already have accounts that have good ranks, but with smurf accounts, they can just play with the low-rank accounts and perhaps win every single time before they enter the bugger battlefield.

So, if you have a top-rank account in DMG or LEM, you can buy a CSGO smurf account that is a silver or gold nova account and play without affecting your main account.

Why should you buy CSGO Smurf accounts?

There is a certain high in winning games, and that is what CSGO Smurf accounts let you do. So, if you want to feel that high and practice your skills, you must get a CSGO Smurf account. Beyond getting the winning streak, you should buy a CSGO Smurf account because –

  • Despite how good a player you are, the game algorithm is slow, and along with the incident on the ban after the recent update – it can get trickier to get a good rank its easy with CSGO Smurfs.
  • Unlike the main accounts, no matter the outcomes of your CSGO Smurf account, the main account is not impacted.

Why should you choose CSGO SMURFNATION to buy CSGO Smurf Accounts?

With CSGO SMURFNATION, you get the best of everything – ranks, price, and experience. Here’s why –

We keep a stock of the best-ranked accounts all the time – so you are spoilt for choices. Which means you can buy the best accounts.

At CSGO SMURFNATION you can buy CSGO Smurf accounts at the most cost-effective prices. Our prices are cheap, but the experience is best-in-class.

Players can buy CSGO accounts on sale – without any strings attached. This means that players have the flexibility to play with CSGO Smurf accounts for the short term or do a back and forth between their main accounts and the smurf accounts.

What CSGO Ranked Accounts Are And How You Can Buy Them

Some players are good, and some are just great! But despite your best efforts, sometimes moving higher up in the rank can be a challenge. And that can be frustrating, right? But don’t worry, we got your back with the CSGO Ranked Accounts. With the CSGO Ranked accounts, you don’t have to worry about the algorithm and move up from silver to gold nova and from gold nova to master guardian – without losing your cool.

Why should you buy CSGO Ranked Accounts?

A great player will have tactics to rank up in the game, but with CSGO, sometimes it is just not enough. A bad team, the algorithm, the slow pace of rankings, and many such factors can affect the speed at which you move up the ranks. Most importantly, keeping a consistent ranking can be even more challenging.

CSGO Ranked accounts are the solution for all these challenges. They are meant for every player with any kind of caliber. So, if you are confident of being into the leagues of the LE tier, buy CSGO Ranked Accounts of any kind.

The best thing – we have an inventory that is well-suited for every customer. So you definitely won’t be disappointed.

So here are the benefits of buying CSGO Ranked Accounts from CSGO SMURFNATION

  • An account for everyone – with CSGO SMURFNATION, you don’t have to wait for a CSGO Ranked Account. You can just buy any CSGO account and access our huge inventory that meets every player’s demand.
  • No need to take a break – Before the rank opens, there is a 24 hours cooling period needed between every two games. This means five days’ worth of cooling down period before the ranks even open. When you buy CSGO Ranked accounts, you can avoid all that.
  • Get the best accounts at a cost-effective price – You get CSGO Ranked Accounts at CSGO SMURFNATION at the best possible prices in the market.

Why choose CSGO Prime, CSGO Smurf, and CSGO Ranked Accounts from CSGO SMURFNATION?

Let’s just say we know how CSGO works inside out. We have over 180k accounts sold and thousands of customers to vouch for why we are the best. So what makes us the no. 1 website in the market to buy CSGO accounts?

The short answer is – our commitment to offering our customers the best accounts at the best possible price.

Here Is Why CSGO Players Love Us

Best pricing

We have been in the market for a long time and know a thing or two about the pricing trends of the CSGO accounts. We understand that not all players have the high budgets to invest. But CSGO SMURFNATION has CSGO accounts for everyone despite what your budget is. One of the critical factors that define pricing is boosting. Our professional team of boosters boost accounts to a particular stage using certain systems. The price depends on the stage of the boosting. For example, Silvers is a little more expensive than the Gold Nova since a lot of accounts have to be de-ranked. We also offer CSGO accounts on sale to buy accounts quicker and start playing right away.

Boosted accounts

All our accounts are already boosted by our in-house boosters. This is great because you can avoid bans that can happen with accounts boosted by a third party with our in-house boosted accounts. Our expert CSGO booster team has rigorous tests and processes to ensure that these accounts are boosted in-house quickly & Safely.

Lifetime Guarantee

Our CSGO accounts have a lifetime guarantee on the account and email login. Not just that, we give you the first email of the account, and the CD-Key, so you are in control if you need to recover the account if need be. But beware, this guarantee does not include VAC or Overwatch bans if you use cheats. But don’t worry; if you face such challenges, we are always there to assist you.

Unlimited stocks of all ranks

At CSGO SMURFNATION, we do not disappoint our customers ever. We have unlimited stocks, and we offer ranks to all players, even when there is a huge demand. Whether it is silver accounts, SMFC, or the Global elite accounts. We cater to every demand of our customers and beyond high-ranking accounts; we also offer them high tier and prime accounts for players who wish to play in high-tier lobbies.

24×7 Customer Support

We pride ourselves on the customer support we offer. We are always available to support you whenever you need us. With our 24X7 chat support, you can reach out to us. The best thing, we are available to support you even with accounts you bought from us in the past. Just give a shoutout, and we will be there to help you. All our experts are trained in dealing with CSGO accounts. If you are confused about picking an account, we are there to help you.

Instant Delivery

Now you don’t have to wait anymore to get an account. Our automated system ensures that you get an account on your email instantly after you checkout. This ensures that the process is smooth, and you don’t have to worry about getting the account details – you have them in your email right after you have completed your purchase process.

Safe and Secure

We have multiple payment methods on our website. The best thing is that all the data that you share is secure. The Payment integrations on our websites help you securely buy the preferred prime account.

FAQs – CSGO Prime Accounts

Do you have questions about the CSGO accounts? The below FAQs will answer most questions that you might have.

What are the CSGO Prime Account Updates

In the initial days, players could get the game at a basic cost and work hard to earn a Private Rank 21 or PR21, and after they earned their Prime Status, they are separated from the non-prime players. The prime players were highly competitive and had exclusive rights. With the next updates, players could get a game account without any cost, but they had to earn a PR21 rank for the prime account or it came at a cost. So, even if players do not get their PR21 badges, they could still buy a CSGO prime account. In the latest Prime Update, the PR21 Boosting method for prime status was removed and prime status was made paid. The cost implication does not affect the old players with their account, but new players will have to get it at a cost.

Why are CSGO Prime Accounts so popular?

Playing in the non-prime lobby can be a huge challenge with low-performing teammates & heaps of cheaters. Prime accounts solve these challenges for you. These accounts were introduced to separate the prime players from the non-prime ones. But with updates, the definition has changed. Currently, the new players who get an account after the update have to pay to get a prime status account. The owners of CSGO accounts with prime Status can use the accounts to play anywhere with the prime status. Players with Prime Status are matched with other Prime Status players and are eligible to receive Prime-exclusive souvenir items, item drops, and weapon cases.

What are the benefits of buying a CSGO Prime account with CSGO SMURFNATION?

At CSGO SMURFNATION, you get a premium matchmaking experience even if you are in the non-prime lobby. It can be a boon for new players because it gives them a peek into what it looks like to be playing with the elites in the games, with a premium experience. New players can buy low-cost prime accounts and get the premium CSGO prime account experience. With the CSGO Prime accounts, you can play any rank, whether you are a silver non-prime player who wants to advance to Gold Nova or if you are a master Guardian and want to play in the Silver – the CSGO Prime accounts can fulfill all your wishes.

I am a new player can I buy a CSGO Prime Account?

The CSGO Prime accounts can be a boon to the new players when they are just starting. They can buy a low-cost CSGO Prime Account and play ranked matches and enjoy benefits like exclusive weapon, skins drops and occasional bonus drops.

How do CSGO Prime Accounts offer better matchmaking?

Prime accounts give players access to the crème de la crème of the players and match you with them. This is not possible with non-prime accounts.

Do CSGO Prime Accounts have a higher trust factor?

The CSGO Prime accounts are more trustworthy than non-prie accounts. The trust factor helps the game matchmaking algorithm decide the kind of teammates and opponents you will get. A higher trust factor offers a better gaming experience. Add a mobile number or steam mobile authenticator.

At CSGO SMURFNATION we offer services like the CSGO Commend Bot to improve the trust factor.

Can non-prime and prime status accounts play together?

The CSGO prime status gives you the flexibility to play with the non-prime users with a select game model. Unranked, Deathmatch, Casual, and War Games are a few game modes available where prime and non-prime users can play together. But non-prime members cannot play Ranked in the prime players’ lobby.


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