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Buy CS2 Accounts with 1000+ Hours

These CS2 Accounts with 1000+ Hours helps your Steam profile to look more natural, attractive and gain more trust among other players.

At Csgosmurfnation, we offer you a wide variety of accounts with high hours starting from 1000 hours and exceeding 3000 hours. These High hour accounts tend to have a good trust factor compared to basic CS2 Prime Accounts and have an excellent first impression.

CSGOSmurfNation Now Offers you Hour Boosted CS2 Accounts after receiving many requests from regular buyers. Hour Boosted accounts gives a natural look to CS2 Smurf Accounts  & helps Smurf Blend in the regular games with any players noticing them.

We Carefully Hour Boost these accounts under strict supervision. All accounts are 100% safe and Legit.

Reasons to Buy CS2 Accounts with High Hours

    • Looks Genuine
    • An Excellent First Impression
    • Have a Good Trust factor compared to basic primes.
    • Safely Hour boosted
    • 100% Legit with a lifetime guaranty
    • Cheapest Price in the Market
    • Instant Delivery to your email by our Automated Delivery System.
    • Comes with Original Email (Mail Used for Steam Account Creation)
    • Just Login & Play
    • Secured Payments through Stripe, Payop, Cryptocurrency and More
    • Trusted by more than 65,000+ Buyers with 1,75,000+ Accounts since 2017.
    • For General FAQ’s Please visit our FAQ Page.