CS:GO Accounts with 1000+ Hours

These CS:GO Accounts with 1000+ Hours helps your Steam profile to look more natural, attractive and gain more trust among other players.

At Csgosmurfnation, we offer you a wide variety of accounts with high hours starting from 1000 hours and exceeding 3000 hours. These High hour accounts tend to have a good trust factor compared to basic CS:GO Prime Account and have an excellent first impression.

CSGO Accounts with 1000 Hours

Prime LEM with 1000+ Hours


CSGO Accounts with 1000 Hours

Prime GE with 1000+ Hours


CSGOSmurfNation Now Offers you Hour Boosted CSGO Accounts after receiving many requests from regular buyers. Hour Boosted accounts gives a natural look to Csgo Smurf Accounts  & helps Smurf Blend in the regular games with any players noticing them.

We Carefully Hour Boost these accounts under strict supervision. All accounts are 100% safe and Legit.

Reasons to Buy CS:GO Accounts with High Hours

  • Looks Genuine

  • An Excellent First Impression

  • Have a Good Trust factor compared to basic primes.

  • Safely Hour boosted

  • 100% Legit with a lifetime guaranty

  • Cheapest Price in the Market

  • Instant Delivery to your email by our Automated Delivery System.

  • Comes with Original Email (Mail Used for Steam Account Creation)

  • Just Login & Play

  • Secured Payments through Stripe, Payop, Cryptocurrency and More

  • Trusted by more than 10,000+ Buyers with 18,000+ Accounts since 2017.

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