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Apex Legends Accounts are the best and cheapest way to smurf in Apex Ranked Matchmaking. Having an Apex Legends Account allows you to play a massively popular battle royale game. If you are already familiar with the game and are looking for an Apex Legends smurf account, Then you came to the right place! At Smurfnation, we offer a wide variety of Apex Legends Accounts to choose from with a lifetime guarantee.

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Apex Legends Accounts

Bronze Rank Apex Legends Account


  • Apex Legends Origin Account
  • Bronze Rank
  • Original Email Access
  • Automated Instant Delivery on Your Email

Why should you buy Apex Legends Smurf Accounts From us?

  • Instant Delivery
  • Email Access
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Apex Legends Account with in-game drops and unlocked achievements.

How to buy the Apex Legends Smurf Accounts

  • Select An account as per your requirements
  • Click Add to Cart/ Buy Now, Fill the checkout form and make the Payment
  • WE will Instantly deliver the Account to your email upon payment confirmation.

How are the Apex Legends Smurf accounts made ?

We Make and Boost these Apex Legends Smurf Accounts for sale. We dont not buy these accounts from any third party seller. This is done to ensure the account only stays with you after making a purchase.