ULTIMATE Xbox Series XS MODDED ACCOUNT 900M Cash, Outfits, Max Stats & More


  • Xbox Series X/S
  • Assets: $900 Million Cash
  • RP Rank: Level 788
  • Modded Outfits: 5-10
  • Instant Delivery



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Enhance your GTA adventure with our modded accounts made just for Xbox Series X/S gamers like you. Get ready for a blast of fun with awesome features that’ll take your gameplay to the next level:

Why Go Modded? Get ahead in GTA 5 without the grind! Our modded accounts save you time and unlock cool stuff, giving you the power to rule Los Santos.

Key Features:

  • Platform: Xbox Series X/S (New Generation Game)
  • Assets: $900 Million
  • RP Rank: Level 788
  • Outfits: 5-10
  • Max STATS
  • No Hacks or Third-party software was used.
  • The account is created by our team for sale only. Safest possible methods used to add levels and money.


  • Xbox Login Email & Password
  • Email ID & Password

Delivery Status:

Instant delivery post Payment Confirmation.

Account Region:

Accessible worldwide, free from regional constraints.

Important Notes:

  • This account is exclusively compatible with the Xbox Series X/S console featuring the latest generation of GTA. You can verify this by checking your game library and see what is mentioned under GTA to confirm its Xbox Series X/S gen or Xbix One.
  • This account only has the progress. You need to have GTA 5 and Xbox Pass to use it.
  • Account Information is available in the My Orders section or via email post-payment.
  • All transactions are subject to terms & conditions, acknowledging which is mandatory before purchase.

Level up your GTA adventures effortlessly with our modded accounts, crafted to turn you into a legend in Los Santos on Xbox Series X/S!