Buy CSGO Accounts | CSGO Smurf Ranked Accounts For Sale

Even after a decade, the game still has many teams rooting for the players and heavy money-packed tournaments with huge sponsors from big brands. 

Among all this, what’s in it for the game’s regular players? What can you do to make your experience flawless in the game?

CSGO Accounts is the answer you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter what rank you’re currently in. These premium CSGO Accounts provided by CSGOSMURFNATION give you a banger for your money and let you unleash the real potential of the game. 

Let’s dig deeper into this and how you can buy CSGO accounts on our website. 

What are CSGO Accounts?

The steam accounts you already have connected to your game are CSGO Accounts. You play, and your data is synchronized if you log in from a different device. 

Therefore, it makes it easier for you to play the game anywhere in the world, even if you don’t have access to your desktop. CSGO Accounts is just a general term for steam accounts with CSGO in it. 

All your game profile data, including the skins, badges, boosts, and ranks, are stored in these accounts. Valve and Steam have done all the work to make sure the players don’t miss a thing when it comes to user experience, and hence they’ve provided the best there is in the Counter-Strike. 

But the big question is, what’s the difference between the CSGO Accounts being sold on CSGOSMURFNATION and the ones you already have with you?

Here’s a quick answer. 

Why Buy CSGO Accounts?

The accounts you already have with you include all the basic stuff of CSGO. To separate the professionals from the amateurs, you need to have premium CSGO accounts and get all the premium stuff included with the game. 

The basic CSGO accounts don’t have prime features, ranks, badges, boosted profiles on Steam, and much more. However, by buying CSGO accounts, you’re already way ahead in the league compared to the other players in the game. 

You can boost and flaunt yourself in front of the players, and they will consider you as a leader. Funny, but it actually works if you genuinely show a premium level of game and premium account. 

Here are a few benefits of why you should buy CSGO accounts:

  • Premium Gaming Experience
  • Gives you a headstart in the game. 
  • Loaded with badges and stars

What else do you need to have a solid and foolproof gaming experience? 

Providing a cherry on top of the game, CSGOSMURFNATION is the best marketplace to shop for these CSGO Accounts as our inventory is always booked and stocked with the highest-rated accounts in the market. 

Our Accounts comes in with solid pricing, too, which is competitive not to burn your pockets and not dig a hole in our business. After all, all of us are trying to enjoy ourselves, right?

Therefore, if you’re looking for CSGO accounts for sale, hit us with the enquire if you’re confused, and we’ll help you pick out the best and cheap CSGO accounts in the market right now. 

How to Use Bought CSGO Accounts?

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand how to play with these CSGO accounts. Many other people keep complaining it’s hard to play with CSGO accounts used by other people, but we don’t believe that. 

We have been in the industry for about seven years and have tested many methods to run the game. It works flawlessly as there aren’t a lot of restrictions from the companies when it comes to players. 

Unless you’re cheating, you should have no problem running the game in your systems. However, if you’re caught cheating, that’s on you, and CSGOSMURFNATION cannot help with that. 

Here are the simple steps on how you can run these bought accounts:

  • After paying on the checkout page, we will deliver the account to you in your email. Please check your spam folder in case you don’t receive the email. 
  • Login with the credentials on your steam account. 
  • Start the game, and you will see all the data you were promised on the website. 

That’s about it. You don’t need to do anything else to run the accounts on your system. The process is really simple and fluid. 

What are CSGO Smurf Accounts?

Have you ever played in a rank where the opponents or teammates seem to be of high calibre with extraordinary gameplay? Unfortunately, it’s not the rank but the players who have a really good skill set and want to just goof around in low-ranked lobbies. 

If you think you have good gameplay and want to just play around in the low-ranked lobby, you can just get yourself a smurf account, and you’ll be good to go. 

Still confused?

Smurf is a term for highly ranked players who decide to flaunt their skills among the amateurs of the game. These players have main accounts already at a good rank, but they play on these smurf accounts just to enjoy or chill out in the game. 

So if you are a high-ranked player in DMG or LEM, you can purchase a silver account or a gold nova account to play with your low-ranked friends. This won’t affect your rank at all on your main accounts, and you can have a fun time with your friends. 

Why Buy CSGO Smurf Accounts?

There are several reasons you should engage yourself with the smurf experience, and the biggest of them is flaunting and trolling the amateurs of the game who are just too toxic to handle. 

Some players think they are cocky and mock around teammates. If you think you’ve met some of them, you can ask them to play with your smurf CS account, and they will be shocked with how good of a player you are compared to them. 

Another big reason is the time it takes to take a regular account to a smurf status. No matter how good you are in the game, the game algorithm is still slow for even a professional player to reach an account to smurf status. Not to mention the prime ban that was imposed after the update, which makes it even tricky. 

One of the personal favourites of players we’ve noticed is the ranks having 0 impacts on the main account. After all, you are trying to chill in the low-ranked lobby, and if you do it with your main accounts, it will result in loss of rank, and you might be dropped to a really bad rank which you might be ashamed of. 

Hence this is one of the very big reasons players avoid chill or troll games in the main accounts and have smurf accounts to engage in such stuff. 

Here are a few benefits of buying CSGO smurf accounts:

  • Showing off in the lobby
  • It saves time to get ranked
  • It doesn’t impact the rank on your main account
  • No stress on losing rank or ELO

There are many other reasons for buying these smurf accounts, especially from our website. However, the biggest of all is being the cheapest in the market, and we give out the best, and most premium CSGO smurf accounts for the best price in the market. 

CSGOSMURFNATION tries to offer the best solutions for the users. Hence, buying a CSGO Smurf Account on sale would be the best option for the players. This is because you won’t play with these accounts for a lifetime, and you can just want to enjoy it for a short amount of time or maybe switch back and forth between these accounts. 

What are CSGO Ranked Accounts?

Are you stuck at a particular rank for a long time now? Are you struggling to get out of the rank due to a lack of team support and toxic players? Do you want to rank up instantly?

These are all the questions people ask in the community nowadays. It’s really frustrating when you’re stuck at a particular game for months and not able to manage a rank up to the elite level. There are a lot of challenges people face while ranking up, and toxic teammates are one of them. 

This is why CSGOSMURFNATION launched CSGO Ranked Accounts, the answer to all your problems. We know it can be intimidating to rank up from silver to gold nova or from gold nova to master guardian. 

Hence we launched the premium CSGO ranked accounts to save you the time of grinding day and night to rank up with toxic random players and teammates. Unfortunately, the ranking system of CSGO honestly sucks, and it can be harder to predict when you will rank up. 

You can either spend your time actually learning and playing the game or figure out when you’re going to rank up in the lobby and finally move out of the same rank.

Why Buy CSGO Ranked Accounts?

Even if you did figure out how to rank up in the game and the ranking system of Valve in CSGO, it would take you a lot of time and patience, along with handling the bad team play. It can take you weeks or months to rank up from the current tier you’re in. 

Let’s say you manage even to rank up, and now you have some friends in the lower rank who you want to play with without damaging the hard-earned rank you struggled to get to. 

This is where CSGO ranked smurf accounts come into play. They are made for everyone and players of any calibre. So if you think you are LE tier, you can buy those accounts. 

If you need to troll some silver players, buy a silver ranked account. We have inventory for every customer in the market, and you can be assured the results won’t be disappointing. 

Here are some perks of buying CSGO Ranked Accounts:

  • Made For Everyone: Whether you’re a silver looking for gold nova or silver looking for Master Guardian experience, we have no barrier for the customers. Just buy any cheap CSGO ranked accounts and start immediately. As mentioned above, we keep inventory for different types of players as the demands in the market are different by each player of counterstrike.
  • Avoid 24 Hours Cooldown: If you’ve been playing the game for a long time, you are aware before your rank opens, you need to have 24 hours cooldown after winning every two games. Winning two consecutive games can be challenging enough, and a 24-hour cooldown after every two games? That’s five days’ worth of cooldown before you even open a rank. You can avoid all that by just buying a prime/non-prime ranked account and getting started immediately. 

Were you looking for more benefits? How about cheap CSGO Ranked accounts? Yes, you heard it right. You can buy these CSGO ranked accounts on sale times from our website and get the best price in the market. 

Why Buy Smurf and Ranked Accounts from Us?

There are a lot of sites and sellers in the market, and you might be wondering what makes us different from others? What’s so special about our accounts?

First of all, we don’t compete with anyone, and we just provide the best there is to the customers and do not lack in any part of the game. 

Here’s a list of a few things we have for the customers of CSGOSMURFNATION:


After having studied the market, we can assure you the pricing on our website will be the best in the market and the most competitive you can find in the industry. We believe not all users have high budgets; hence we have something for all budgets. We have all accounts to fit your budgets and not dig a big hole there. 

In house Boosters

The accounts you will find on our website have been boosted by our in-house booster and not from a third party to avoid any bans. Furthermore, we follow a certain procedure for developing these ranks and accounts, created after vigorous testing of the accounts. As a result, you can be assured that these accounts are safe and won’t get any bans unless you decide to install third-party cheats. 

Lifetime Guarantee

The accounts we provide come with a lifetime guarantee, and this only includes the account and email login issues. We also provide you with the First Email of the account, which will help you recover the account if you lose it. 

This guarantee does not include VAC or Overwatch ban after you use cheats. If you come across any other issue apart from these, do not hesitate to ping us via chat, and our support will be happy to assist you with any of these accounts.

All Ranks Available

We don’t keep our stocks limited, and we offer ranks for all players in the market. So, for example, there’s a huge demand for silver accounts because people often want them to troll or chill in the game, but people demand high ranks like SMFC and Global Elite. 

We make sure all the needs are catered to, and buyers are not disappointed in any case. Apart from ranks, we also offer other types of high tier and prime accounts, which are beneficial for the players who want to play in high-rank lobbies. 

Customer Support

This is the foundation of our business. We ensure all the help and support you need and get it on time. Therefore, we have 24/7 chat support to help you with this. If you need any help with any account you bought from us in the past, just message us anytime you want, and we will assist you happily. 

Our agents are trained properly and are experts in dealing with CSGO accounts. If you have trouble picking which accounts to choose, just contact us via chat, and we’ll help you out. 

Instant Delivery

We have an automated system that will deliver the account you purchase to your email instantly after making the payment on the portal. This is to make sure you don’t have to message us for account details once you place the order. In addition, the process is ensured to keep the transactions smooth and clean.