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We have an extensive stock of CSGO Smurfs accounts, we offer you both ranked and unranked CSGO accounts, not only that but our spacious stock also includes:

  • Prime CSGO Ranked account

  • Non-Prime CSGO Ranked account

  • CSGO High Tier accounts

One of the main benefits of CSGO high Tier account is that you get several medals and other rare exotic profiles.

Secured accounts

With us you are 100% secure as your accounts are securely boosted under the supervision of our expert team, we secure your accounts at all cost and at a high level.

Get along well with Pro Players

With us you get passionate players who are pro in their field, the foremost thing they consider is the most fundamental things such as; ELO and Trust-Factor.

Amazing Experience

We do not just hand you over the account, but first, we work on it and make it secure and marvelous to give you an amazing experience of CSGO Smurf Accounts.

Complete CSGO Smurf Nation marketplace

We totally support and channelize a complete CSGO Smurf nation, a Marketplace that not only features high quality ranked and unranked Smurfs but also in cheaper prices.


CSGO Ranked Accounts are Smurf Accounts that have Matchmaking Enabled, It requires players to win 10 Games in Matchmaking mode. CSGO Ranked Accounts is the key to unlock CSGO Ranking System and play on your desired CSGO Rank.

CSGO Ranking offers various Level of Playstyle from Newbies to Pros, With CSGO Smurf Nation you can experience all of it. We offer CSGO Ranked Accounts From Silver one (S1) to The Global Elite (GE). Silver Ranked Accounts helps when you just want to enjoy the game and troll around, Similarly a High Rank Such as Legendary Eagle or Global Elite will give you a change to play in pro league of the game.

We are always Online to provide you CSGO Ranked Smurf Accounts as per your needs, So Buy your cheap CSGO Ranked Account and enjoy the game.


CSGO Prime Accounts are Smurf Accounts with CSGO Prime Status Enabled either purchased or Private Rank 21 Boosted. CSGO Smurf Nation Offers you CSGO Prime Accounts of all Ranks, Prime Accounts are Generally used as a secondary accounts after their main steam account. With CSGO Prime Accounts and Private rank 21 the amount of cheaters are reduced drastically.

The Process is very Simple all you need to do is purchase CSGO Prime account get Instant Delivery , Check Email and use the given credentials to login and play.

We Provide a vast Variety of Prime Accounts From Random rank to Specific Rank i.e. Silver to Global Elite you can select the one that’s best for your playstyle so what are you waiting for Buy Cheap CSGO Prime Accounts now!


CSGO Premium Accounts aka High Tier Accounts are Accounts with Medals and Coins boosted with special attention to trust factor and overall experience one will have playing the game.

These CSGO Accounts have Special Medals, Rare Coins, Exotic Trophies & Loyalty Badges Main reason to purchase These CSGO High tier Accounts is to replace your Main Account to give Similar or Better Experience.

CSGO Premium Accounts have Green Trust factor compared to most of the basic accounts due to years of grinding on service medals.

  • Service Medals
    Service Medals are given once a player completes Private Rank 40 once the service medal is redeemed the Private rank Level resets, Started in 2015 there are six different level of a service medal which can be upgraded in a years time.
  • Operation Coins
    Operation Coin are dropped in all CSGO Operations there are total of 9 operations so far, Latest one was Operation Shattered web. These coins are provided to players who take part in the operation by purchasing the passes. There are basically 4 Levels i.e. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond which can be upgraded by completing operation missions.


CSGO Smurfs are Gamers using alternative accounts to play usually at lower ranks, This makes the game very easy for them to play and troll around. Most of the smurfs are targeted as hackers by low ranked players as they outkill them.

Be a CSGO Smurf Ninja with CSGO Smurf Nation we provide you the Best and Cheapest CSGO Smurf Accounts for Purchase, we have a wide variety of Smurfs to Choose from.

CSGO Smurfs are like Ninja and Kings as they can out aim lower ranked opponents, People usually Smurf in Silver Ranked Accounts as its much more fun down there.


  • Automated Instant Delivery
    We Provide Instant Delivery once you Buy CSGO Accounts all of them are sent instantly to your email and my orders tab on website.
  • Wide Variety of CSGO Smurf Ranked Accounts
    CSGO Smurf Nation offers Wide Variety of CSGO Accounts i.e. CSGO Prime Accounts, Non Prime Accounts ranked From Silver One to The Global Elite we have them all. We also provide you wide variety of Games and CSGO High tier Accounts with Medals and Coins.
  • Out and Out Customer Service
    Our Dedicated Team is Online 24/7 All days helping you with all your querie, just drop us a message and one of our representative will be there to serve you.


CSGO Prime Accounts with Prime Status Enabled via Private rank 21.

These are the cheapest CSGO Accounts and are just meant to be use for fun and not recommended for serious game.


Buy Cheap Games like CSGO, PUBG, GTA5, RUST etc

Wide Variety of CSGO Ranks from Silver one to The Global Elite with 1000+ hours

These Accounts have Coins, Medals, Trophies, Badges Along With High Playing Hours And Number of Wins & Top Games

About CSGOSMURFNATION and CSGO Smurf Accounts

We are Motivated in Providing CSGO Accounts to every Gamer with any type of play style at their ease, Hence All the accounts we sell are 100% Secure with Wide Variety options.

These CSGO Smurf Accounts can be used as secondary account to get the most out of the game and boost their skills without affecting their main accounts stats.

Smurfing Made Easy with CSGO Smurf Nation

While playing matchmaking the Main factors to be considered are Rank, Trust factor and Prime Status Of the account, We combat this situation and make it easy for you to select from our wide rank variety, All the accounts are with Good Trust factor as they are never reported and giving you an option to choose between prime and non prime options.

Account Age

A Steam Account Age Usually Play a major Role in Matchmaking, Generally old accounts are not matched with new accounts .


Who does’nt love being with someone friendly, A normal Game can be much more fun if matched with lite minded people these are calculated with the help of Ingame Commends these commends can help in improving Trust Factor.

Number of Games Played & Hours

Somehow the hours spend on gaming directly or indirectly impacts your Matchmaking. The MM system is Programmed in such a way, that it tries to que you with Gamers with similar Stats as yours, Which considers all the factors mentioned above and more in providing you a better Gaming experience.

Improve Trust Factor in CSGO Accounts

Avoiding team damage

Team Damage Affects your Trust Factor in a negatuve way, Avoid it at all Cost.


Hours Spend on Gaming Affects Trust Factor Directly Be it any game if you an old player the MM System will definitely reward you.

Doing Overwatch Reviews

Overwatch Helps in Improving Matchmaking by Banning Cheaters, Overwatch is done by normal Gamers they review the demo and give their verdict. Regularly Doing overwatch reviews will help in improving trust factor.

Counter Strike Global Offensive Aka CSGO Accounts

If you also have been wondering and thinking about what a CSGO account is and what it is all about, then you are at the right place.

Counter-Strike Global offensive is one of the best games that offer you an endless wonderful experience, the game is widely known as the CSGO, with this short abbreviated name you will find it more popular.

valve created counter strike global offensive, and its a multiplayer type of game, if you have already had a multiplayer game experience, then you would surely know that multiplayer games are different in their flavor as compared to the solo modes.

This multiplayer game offers you several modes and levels that you can play through, however In the counter strike global offensive you get a free account that is called a non-prime account, and the premium account is where you can pay up, or also get to have a status on passing the level 21 of the CS: GO.

Let us discuss some other insights of CS GO accounts and see what we have to explore in this multiplayer game.

Reasons to purchase Smurf or ranked accounts now

As we know that the popularity of the counter strike global offensive is rapidly increasing, and that is for the valid reason. It is one of the best popular multiplayer games. However; you must play it with caution as this CSGO is interesting and adventurous enough to keep you engaged for several hours.

And being a gamer, we would surely be willing to spend time on such a beautiful game. However, this is not just a regular game; to cope with it, you must have your tools equipped with you. And the tools are being referred to as the right accounts here.

Importance of authentic Smurf accounts

In the world of multiplayer games, the authentic accounts hold immense importance, and they possess prominence in them.

When you purchase a Smurf account then you can ensure your safety, and you are always in good hands, as you can pick one of the several accounts based on the level of expertise and you are good to go, then and start setting your mark in a multiplayer world.

Another main advantage of having Smurf account is being with the loyal customer base, which means that you get to have the same high-quality service as they have, you can be a partner with them and enjoy the best service.

What is the trust factor?

The trust factor is one of the important aspects of CSGO accounts, and we care about our members. Keeping up with the trust factor and learning is not difficult at all.

It is just like the points system, where you can assume 1 as the initial value and 100 as the highest value, and when you join the game you get about 20 trust factor score, and your journey in the multiplayer world decides how you will keep up with your trust factor score.

So let us assume that someone does not behave quite well, starts to abuse or gives toxic experience to other players then they can report that player. And based on these facts your score will decrease. It also increases for a new game, and you get +5.

And as you get into it, the better your trust factor becomes, and then you start to enjoy these things. As helping your teammates, taking them to victory points, and winning the game, this ensures your trust factor to increase by +10.

When you are online, everything matters, even the spent hours will count, not only just helping the teammate, but a victory for yourself counts as well. More you play it better you become, and eventually, increase your trust factor considerably.

What is a service medal account?

If you are new to CSGO accounts, then you might probably have no idea about a service medal, but let us ensure the exciting things about service medal. The service medal account belongs to high tier ranking. They add put in so much use to the CSGO account.

And you have to earn the service medal account. It is for the players who grind the Counter strike global offensive game. We already know that Counter-Strike global offensive has different levels, and as you play through the game and grind it, your level system starts to rise, and level 40 is the last level.

And it would take about 280 to 300 hours approximately to get to level 40, and there you go, when you reach level 40, you are awarded the service medal account for the whole year.

Service medal account has 6 types, in which type you get depends upon how you play it, so just keep playing good; grind it enough to achieve the best service medal account.

Another common question which is frequently asked, that what is the benefit of a service medal account, and the answer is that it truly adds to the value of CSGO account.

It represents how well you have been playing the Counter strike global offensive game, and the best part is that it also increases the trust factor score. However; do not confuse service medal account with Smurf or any other, as these accounts are entitled as a souvenir.

Why Us?

We have a fraternity which we keep everyone secure and safe when you shop with us; you shop from an authentic and secure market of CSGO accounts.

We not only provide you with a protected payment gateway that never compromises on details and personal information, it means that nobody has your information but you, this way you can ensure your safety from any third party such as; hackers.

We manage thousands of clients who have been our members for a long time, and keeping them secure on our live servers is our prime concern.

Unlimited available support

We have a dedicated team who will not only provide you with 24 hours of endless support but also they will help you select the best account for you. We offer endless 24/ 7 support. Get the most out of our live chat support and have expert’s advice.

This will help you the most if you are new to CSGO, or if you do not know how to get started with the Smurf account, worry not and just message us and will guide you through that.

Get support with

  • Purchasing accounts
  • Selecting the best account
  • General support and queries
  • Making secure payments
  • Activation of accounts

And a lot more, because we are with you throughout the journey and not just till the purchase.

When you purchase a Smurf account, we provide you with a steam username and a steam password along with email and email password; this is because having a counter strike global offensive account can be a little tricky, as there is ample storage of accounts to buy from.
You get to have an option to choose from several accounts, some of which are:

  • Nova account
  • Guardian account
  • Legendary eagle account, etc.

These accounts are further equipped with 1 to 5 levels, and of course, every level of these accounts has its own special features and options, such as level of expertise. Moreover; you can also choose Global elite account.

Instant Delivery

We provide you with immediate delivery right after you select one of the many accounts and the account type. We make sure you get started with your multiplayer experience. So literally there is no wait, you just shop with us and enjoy the best game. Right after making the purchase, we sent you an email provided by you. And that way you can start your experience without any delay.

Trusted accounts

One of the main benefits of shopping from us is that we bring you the best types of account, they do not come from an anonymous source, and we do not purchase the accounts from the sources that might harm any of our users.
We have a Dedicated Team for boosting so you can purchase without having second thoughts.

Positive feedback

We manage thousands of users with their positive and best experience feedback, over the past few years we have successfully been able to form a fraternity who is passionate enough about CSGO, and if you are one of them, you can click well along with them.

CSGO is one of the most popular and famous games of this era, which is known as counter-strike global offensive. This game has been ranked quite high in the fps shooter games and other games such as call of duty and battlefield. People love playing through the battlefield of counter-strike global offensive as it provides the players with exciting weapons, the precision of shooting, shooting skills, skins, and a lot more.

Moreover, the best thing about CSGO is that you can interact with other players on the same level as yours, making the match more struggling, hard, and yet thrilling and amazing.

The counter-strike franchise came up with the counter-strike global offensive part on 21 august 2012, and ever since the game became pretty much popular, and day by day, many people are joining and teaming up with old players and enjoying the CSGO community.

Originally the game is featured the source engine. You can enjoy the game on steam. Since the game was meant to be for multiplayer and it sets the online atmosphere, it featured a very strong anti-cheating system that is known as VAC, and this system takes care of any unethical or false play activity. And that you can consider as another best thing about the CSGO system.

New maps are being added to the game, and it keeps evolving on an almost daily basis; that is how much alive this game is. And if you are into First-person shooter game like call of duty, you would definitely fall for this one.

Buy CSGO accounts

As we have discussed that buying a CSGO account would be totally worth it, as it offers you so many benefits. When you can avoid all that hassle and have a perfectly best gaming experience, then why to suffer by getting involved hackers and all those typical things.

Let us just get into how you can buy the best Smurf account for counter strike global offensive and become a CSGO Smurf Ninja.

Buying a CSGO account is not a difficult thing at all. Even under the prime account category, you can find various types, and certainly, you can find affordable and cheap csgo accounts. So if you are just getting started with the CSGO (counter strike global offensive) game, then a cheap ranked CSGO account would be the best suitable for you to try this game.

All types of CSGO payers get an option in which they can upgrade to the prime status, and the main benefit, of course, we discussed earlier, you can then match with someone who also has a prime status, and it creates the best duo for you.

We offer you one of the best types of ranked CSGO accounts that suit your requirements and needs. We love to announce that, over the years, we have been able to provide premium ranked accounts to our users, and so far, no complaints were registered. We are so glad that people love our platform.

And our users are increasing considerably, which we appreciate a lot, so if you wish to grind the game and then we can provide you with the best CSGO account with various ranks. These csgo accounts are solely for those who want to play and show up on top-notch players. Or, if you just want to improve your game and skills, we can provide you with a Smurf account, which suits your requirements since the beginning.

Overview of Smurf account

Some people get a little confused about Smurf accounts, CSGO Smurf account is meant for when the higher-ranked player plays with the account that has a lower ranking, and it is usually for interacting or messing with newbies. But the point of discussion is that if higher rank players want, they can surely interact with users with a lower rank.

Several types of CSGO accounts

We offer various types of ranked accounts that give you much flexibility to play the way you like; every account type has its own benefits and perks.
Account types:

  • Silver accounts
  • Gold Nova accounts
  • Private Rank 2 accounts
  • Master Guardian accounts

Silver accounts

If you are tired of confronting intense battle and want a hassle-free experience, then you should probably go for a silver account.

Gold Nova Accounts

Gold Nova is one of the ranked account types, and in Gold Nova account your shooting skills are noticed and taken seriously, so if you want to take the game more seriously and intensely then you should choose Gold Nova.

Private Rank 2 accounts

These account offers you an open field to march towards your skill group.

Master Guardian accounts

Just as the name, these account is for the people who are expert in CSGO, they know what they are up to, and you also learn a lot of new things during the journey. Such as; use of Grenades and different items.

CSGO: Global Elite rank

Global Elite accounts are all about ranking and providing you with authentic gameplay, and also, we know that it is sometimes difficult to rank yourself high at the level of other topmost players, as you got to be in a top position for that. Every player who plays through CSGO hopes to attain the topmost position, which is also called Global Elite.

As players know that more benefits and advantages are offered to players on the top level, everyone strives for top GE (Global Elite) position.

We have brought the solution to you. Now you do not have to worry about your top position anymore, as you can buy a CSGO Global Elite account and play in highest rank.

You can adjust effectively in the game via affordable csgo accounts. Moreover, the CSGO has various distinctive modes you can choose between counter strike terrorist modes; it differs in missions and weapons. Based on which type you love the most.

Why Choose Us?