About us

Founded back in 2016, our company has been aiming to provide the community with competitive enable CS:GO accounts.

Also, improving the quality, by increasing and developing the product ranges. We tend to provide accounts ranging from private rank 2 to global elite, prime/non-prime both at reasonable and affordable prices.

The motive of providing accounts of all ranges on our platform, is to give customers what they demand, and what they deserve.

All prices are sorted by ranks and qualities, and accounts are perfectly secured. Our team is up almost every hour, so if there’s a custom order which isn’t in stock, we try to fulfill it within a few hrs.

All you need to do is email us at: csgosmurfnation@gmail.com or simply use the live chat feature on our website, and one of the members will be there to assist you.

We respect our customers’ need, and the trust they put in us, hence we have sold over 2000 accounts over the year, and look forward to give an improved experience to our customers.

Our delivery system is well designed, which sends out email with all the details required within few hrs of order placement, if a team member is online, all it takes is a few mins.