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About Valorant Accounts

Valorant is a Free to play hero shooter game developed by Riot Games and launched on June 2, 2020. It’s called CSGO Killed teased with the code name Project A. The Beta Launch of Project A or Valorant Accounts was a massive Hit where players had to watch twitch streams of Valorant streamers to get an invite for a Valorant account. Upon release, Valorant is a free-to-play game that can be downloaded via Valorant Client by Riot Games.

What Are Valorant Episodes And Acts?

An Episode is a Large Time frame in Valorant, and Each Episode consists of three Acts that bring major updates like agents, map, and game modes. Each Player must play five placement ranked matches at the start of every episode to get a skill group (Rank).

Valorant Acts are parts of a Valorant Episode bringing major changes like Agent, Modes, Economic, Maps, and more. Every Act consists of four to five patches (About two weeks) which is about two months. Valorant Introduces Battle Pass at the start of every new Valorant Act, Allowing users to get an Act Rank Badge on their player card, which consists of their highest achieved rank.

Valorant Ranked Accounts

Valorant has a skill group system just like CSGO called Ranks starting from Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal & Radiant. Unlike CSGO, Valorant has a rank rating system from 0 to 100 where players know whether they will rank up or derank upon winning or losing the next match.
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Why Purchase A Valorant Account?

Buying a Valorant Smurf Account saves the time and energy required to make a new account and grinding for rank and agents on it. Why start from scratch when you can use our services and get your hands on a Valorant Rank Smurf Account Perfectly suited for your smurfing needs. Purchasing a Valorant Account saves you the hassle of playing those undesired 10 Unranked matches to start Ranked matchmaking or helps you get started with the rank you desire and dreamt of.

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The major reason for getting your hands on our Valorant Smurf Accounts is to Save your time. Nobody wants to play those 10 Unranked Matches with random people who ruin the overall experience.

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Valorant Accounts and Regions

Unlike other games, Valorant Has its accounts region-locked. Regions are as follows NA, EU, AP, BR, KR, LATAM. For a gamer to play on its nearest server, they need to get their Valorant Account per their regions. At CSGO Smurf Nation, we offer Valorant Accounts of these regions.

NA Region Valorant Accounts for Sale (North America)

Valorant Account of the NA region can be used to play on servers like

  • US West (Oregon, California) Server
  • US East (Virginia) Server
  • US Central (Texas, Illinois, Georgia) Server

EU Region Valorant Accounts for Sale (European Region)

Valorant Account of the EU region can be used to play on servers like

  • Frankfurt Server
  • Paris Server
  • Stockholm Server
  • Istanbul Server
  • London Server
  • Tokyo Server
  • Warsaw Server
  • Madrid Server
  • Bahrain Server

AP Region Valorant Accounts for Sale (Asia Pacific Region)

AP Region Consists of South East Asia Region (SEA) & Oceania Region

Valorant Account of the AP (Asia/Oceania) region can be used to play on servers like

  • Hong Kong Server
  • Tokyo Server
  • Singapore Server
  • Sydney Server
  • Mumbai Server

Perks of Buying Valorant Accounts

  • Save time and energy required.
  • Start Valorant Smurfing to feel like a pro.
  • Play Ranked Competitive matches by buying Valorant ranked accounts.
  • Get started with any rank you desire without any effort.
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