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CS2 Premier Accounts for Sale

Welcome to the world of CS2 Premier Mode at Csgosmurfnation. Dive into action-packed 5v5 matches, experience the new rating system, and enjoy instant delivery and 24/7 support. Ready to elevate your CS2 adventure?

CS2 Premier Accounts

CS2 Premier-Ready Prime Account


  • CS2 Premier Mode Unlocked
  • Prime Status Enabled
  • Matchmaking Ready
  • Faceit Ready
  • Original Email Access
  • Automated Instant Delivery on Your Email
  • No Third-Party Involved

Unlock CS2 Premier Mode with Csgosmurfnation

Are you prepared to take your CS2 experience to the next level? Step into the realm of CS2 Premier Mode, where thrilling battles and strategic gameplay await. Let's get started!

What is CS2 Premier Mode?

CS2 Premier Mode is where the action unfolds. In this 5v5 matchmaking system, two teams go head-to-head on a map chosen through the Pick Ban System, where maps are picked and banned until one remains. Games follow the MR12 format, with the first team to secure 13 rounds claiming victory. Your performance directly affects your CS2 rating.

Deciphering the Premier Ranking System

The Premier Ranking System is your key to CS2 excellence. To earn your CS2 Premier Rating, you must conquer at least 10 Premier matches. Many players refer to this system as ELO, and it's a game-changer. Unlike the traditional ranking titles like Silver, Gold Nova, or Global Elite, CS2 now uses a numerical rating scale. Your rating starts at 0 and can reach a staggering 35,000.

Here's a helpful reference chart to make sense of the transition from CS:GO ranks to the new CS2 rating system:

  • 0-4,999 (Grey): Corresponding to Silver 1 - Silver Elite.
  • 5,000-9,999 (Light Blue): Comparable to Silver Elite Master - Gold Nova 2.
  • 10,000-14,999 (Dark Blue): Similar to Gold Nova 3 - Master Guardian 2.
  • 15,000-19,999 (Purple): Equates to Master Guardian Elite - Distinguished Master Guardian.
  • 20,000-24,999 (Pink): Reflects Legendary Eagle - Legendary Eagle Master.
  • 25,000-29,999 (Red): Resembles Supreme Master First Class.
  • 30,000 & More (Yellow): Reaches the pinnacle of CS2 – Global Elite.

Unlocking Premier Mode: Prerequisites

Unlocking Premier Mode in your CS2 account is a breeze. Follow these simple steps:

  • Prime Status: Ensure your CS2 account is upgraded to Prime Status.
  • Private Rank: Your private rank should be at least 10.

Why Choose Csgosmurfnation?

Here's why Csgosmurfnation stands out:

  • Instant Delivery: Your CS2 Premier Rating Account is delivered to you instantly.
  • 24/7 Support: Our dedicated support team is here for you round the clock.

Ready to Begin Your CS2 Adventure?

Ready to kickstart your CS2 adventure? Explore our CS2 Premier Rating Accounts and elevate your gaming experience today