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What Are CSGO High Tier Accounts?

CSGO Accounts are Majorly of two categories Non-Prime free to play and Prime Status. A new Account is just a basic account, be it Prime or Non-Prime, and it does not look that appealing to most gamers. Everyone fancies an Account with Lots and Lots of Hours, Wins, Games, In-game Display Items like Service Medals, Coins, trophies & badges, etc. An account with any of these features mentioned above can be termed a High Tier or a VIP CSGO Account.

What is the Use of Coins, Service Medals, Trophies, Badges in CSGO?

These are the in-game Display items of CSGO to make your profile look more elegant. Having many of these improves your trust factor and helps to enhance your gameplay. Having these medals, coins, Trophies, etc., proves your loyalty and dedication to the game.

  • Operation Coins

Operation Coins are granted to players purchasing CSGO Operation passes. These Operations are usually released once every year and last for 3-4 months. Even Operation pass holder gets a chance to play newly designed CSGO Missions. Every Player Purchasing these Passes start with a Bronze coin and can upgrade them to Silver, Gold, and Diamond by completing the Operation Missions. Once the operation is completed, users can no longer upgrade their coins.

  • Service Medals

Service Medal can be earned by completing Private rank 40. Every time player completes PR40, and they are given an option to claim a service medal. Service Medals were introduced in 2015, and every year has a single service medal which can be Levelled up by completing pr40 again and again up to 6 times which times a lot of time and games. It roughly takes four months to get a service medal, making it impossible to get the level 5 and 6 Levels of these service Medals unless you get bonus XP in operations or Helping the community by doing overwatch.

  • Major Trophies

Trophies Were awarded to gamers who were able to predict correctly in Pick’Em Challenges. These trophies have levels from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. CSGO Has stopped awarding trophies now, and they are replaced with coins that Players can earn these major coins by purchasing a viewer pass which allows users to pick their teams in Pick’Em Challenges and getting a coin of that CSGO Major.

  • Loyalty Badge

Only CSGO Accounts that had played CSGO before 6th December 2018 have a loyalty Badge. There is no other way to get a loyalty badge in other accounts. It’s an ultra-rare Badge and single of its kind, proving your loyalty towards the game.

Why Buy A CSGO High Tier Account?

CSGO High Tier Accounts can be used as a smurf account, or an Account with Medals and Coins can replace your Main account if you are just getting started. We offer a truly Extraordinary Level of accounts with Rarest Medals & Coins, which cannot be achieved. Achieving these Medals and Coins Accounts Requires a lot of time and patience. Players cannot earn older Service Medals and Coins by completing any levels; the only way to get them is via CSGO Smurf Nation.

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FAQ'S On CS:GO High Tier Accounts

Do CSGO High Tier Accounts have Prime Status?

Yes, Every CSGO High Tier account has a Prime Status.

What's So Special About These Accounts?

Unlike Basic CSGO Prime Accounts, These CSGO High Tier Accounts are an Upgraded Version Having A lot of Hours, Wins, Games, In-game Display Items like Service Medals, Trophies, Operation Coins & Badges.

Are These High Tier CSGO Accounts Delivered Instantly?

Yes, Instant Delivery on all the Accounts If you don’t get the details, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also find the account details via My Orders Page.

How Is The Trust-Factor On These CSGO High Tier Accounts?

These Steam accounts come with a high Number of Wins and Hours, Boosting The Trust factor. The Coins and Medals Add more to the Trust Factor. But As There is No Way currently to measure The trust factor of a steam account, we can only say that These Accounts come with a High trust factor.

For General FAQ’s Please visit our FAQ Page.

In Simple Words Buy CSGO Accounts with High Trust Factor, Wins & hours at best possible price!