Best CSGO launch options

CSGO Launch Options | Advanced CS:GO Guide 2022: Chapter 1

CS:GO Launch Options enables you to start the game with settings such as Refresh Rate, Server Tickrate, Priority & More. You only have to set up these launch options once and they will be executed every time you launch CS:GO.

The Game feels a lot smoother once you set up these launch options as it’s optimized for your pc. Here is a detailed list of CSGO launch options you should be using.

How to Set Launch Options in CS:GO

  1. Open Steam Application in your Pc
  2. Go to View and select Library
  3. Right Click on CS:GO (From your game List on the Left) & Select Properties.
  4. Click on the General Tab There will be an empty space in the bottom of the tab to Enter CSGO Launch Options

Rules to be Followed while setting up your CS:GO Launch Options

  1. Each Launch Option Should Start with – or +
  2. There Must be a Space between Each Launch Option
  3. Quotes Should not Be used.

List Of CS:GO Launch Options

  • -console – Setting this launch option will open the console automatically when opening the game.
  • -novid – Starting the game with this launch option will remove the valve intro that plays typically at the beginning
  • refresh <rate> / -freq <rate> – If your monitor supports more than 60Hz its a must have CSGO Launch Option
  • -tickrate 128 – If you create an offline game with bots without this launch options set, the designed server will run at tick rate 64. If this launch option is set, the offline servers will always run at tick rate 128.
  • -high – Launching in high mode will start the game in a high-priority way. This launch option can help players with lower-end computers to get less lag and a few more fps,
  • -threads <number of cores/threads> – If you have a CPU with four or more cores, you can set -threads to the number of cores. It might have no influence because the game often makes the same on its own
  • +fps max 0 – remove the max fps limit
  • +cl_showfps 1 – to show FPS in CSGO
  • +cl_forcepreload 1 – preloads the models, Texture, and audio before entering the game
  • +r_drawparticles 0 – remove particles animation, lowers graphics quality, but the performance might improve
  • -nod3d9ex1 – to disable the Direct3D
  • +exec autoexec.cfg – loads your settings into autoexec.cfg binds like jump throw etc.
  • -lv – It stands for low violence mode & removes blood 
  • -nojoy – to disable joysticks. This slightly decreases the load on the computer
  • -full/-fullscreen – launch the game in fullscreen mode
  • -window/-windowed – launch the game in standard window
  • -noborder – launch the game in window Mode without borders
  • +r_dynamic [0/1] – this command helps you disable (0) and enable (1) dynamic lighting (Dynamic Light Here refers to the light effect when a bullet is fired and the glow below the gun)
  • -x – the position of the CS:GO window on the monitor (horizontally)
  • -y – the position of the CS:GO window on the monitor (vertically)
  • -w/width – with this command you can set the window width (resolution)
  • -h/height – with this commands you can set the window height (resolution)

Best CS:GO Launch Options

-high -tickrate 128 -console -refresh <your rate here> +exec <your file name here> -fullscreen -nod3d9ex1 +mat_disable+fancy_blending 1 +fps max <your fps here> +cl_forcepreload 1 +r_emulate_g -novid -nojoy -softparticlesdefaultoff