CSGO Prime Accounts For Sale

CSGO Prime Accounts are the best and cheapest way to smurf in CSGO Ranked Matchmaking. All CSGO players have an option to upgrade to Prime Status. When Players upgrade to Prime Status, they are matched against players with prime status. Also, CSGO Prime Users are eligible for Prime-exclusive Ranked Matchmaking, Gain XP and receive Item Drops.

We have a wide variety of Prime Status Accounts to suit your demand. We offer fresh prime accounts for players who wish to grind their way to other ranks. We offer every single Rank in the game ranging from Silver One to The Global Elite, for players who would like to keep their skill group in mind and improve their game on a smurf account.


Why Buy CSGO Prime Accounts from CSGOSMURFNATION?

  • The Best and Cheapest way to get Ranked CSGO Prime Accounts.
  • Trusted by more than 50k Plus Buyers with 120k Plus Accounts since 2017.
  • We offer every single Rank in the game ranging from Silver One to The Global Elite.
  • Secure, Easy and Quick Ordering with Stripe, Payop & Cryptocurrencies.
  • Accounts are given with Original Email, and CD Key used.

What is A CSGO Prime Account?

Players having CS:GO Prime Status is only Matched with other prime status users in all game modes, i.e. Competitive, Wingman, Casual, Deathmatch, War Games & Danger Zone.

Only Players with Prime Status can earn XP (Private Rank), Get Skill Group (Rank) and receive weekly item drops.

Free to Play CS:GO Players do not get these benefits, and their private Rank is locked up until they purchase Prime Status.

How to get a Prime Status in CS:GO account?

Players can only add prime Status to their account by making an In-game Purchase or through the steam store.

CSGOSMURFNATION Offer All Versions of these CS:GO Prime Accounts, i.e. Fresh, PR2 (Ready for Ranked) & Ranked CSGO Prime Accounts, saving your time and efforts in grinding.

Why should you buy CSGO Prime Smurf Accounts From us?

CSGOSMURFNATION is One of the oldest and most authentic website selling Smurf Accounts since 2017, With 120k Plus Accounts sold in the Last 5 Years. We Make our accounts; Unlike others who resell them, we believe in overall quality and assurance. That’s the main reason we provide these accounts with their Original Email (Mail used for Creating the Account), and CD Key used, if any.

We Offer Ranked CSGO Accounts of all variants from as low as Silver One to the Highest, i.e. The Global Elite.

Instant Delivery & 24/7 Support

We know the pain to be kept waiting and unattended. At CSGOSMURFNATION, we understand you and have configured our services as per your needs.

We are providing Instant Delivery of the Purchased Product via Email and having Proper gamers who have played for hours and hours to help you out with all your queries via the 24/7 Active Live Chat Support.

We Provide Accounts with First Email & CD Key Used

At CSGOSMURFNATION, We like to be transparent and give accurate information about every account that we sell. Therefore, we provide these Prime accounts with their Original Email and Cd key that was used in them.

Our CSGO Prime Account is Affordable

Being a Gamer, it would be up to you to buy a prime account. Of course, you can even go without having a prime account, but make sure you know the benefits of CSGO Prime Accounts.

The prime account you purchase is quite affordable. It pays you off, saves you from many hassles, and gives you a premium experience. In addition, it protects you from many things that you might not want to encounter.

How Do We Calculate the Pricing of CSGO Prime Accounts?

We Determine the price of an account by adding up all the expenses and work required to boost the account therefore, silver is more expensive as it involves deranking, and gold nova are cheaper as they are easy to be boosted. As Boosting an account to The Global Elite Rank takes a lot more Work and Efforts, it’s Priced accordingly.

How do we create these Ranked CSGO Prime Accounts?

We Believe in quality. Thus, we make the accounts on our own to eliminate any third-party involvement. We Add Prime Status via Gift / CD-Keys or Wallet Codes. Our Professional Boosting team then completes the Rank Boost and Provides you with a Genuine CSGO Ranked Prime Account.

Our CSGO Prime Accounts comes with a Lifetime Guarantee

We Provide these Prime Accounts with Original Mail and CD Keys that we used for the creation, enabling us to offer you a lifetime guarantee.

Can CSGO Prime Status be Removed?

No. Once an Account is Prime Status Enabled, it stays forever.

Why do we recommend getting csgo prime Status?

It’s recommended to get a Prime Status if you want to play the Authentic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as only Premium Users of the Game are eligible for exclusive in-game drops and Better Matchmaking all together.

Prime Status is a one-time premium a user has to pay to get matched with other Prime users.

Competitive Skill Group, i.e. Rank (In Matchmaking, Wingman, Danger zone), is Prime-exclusive now, so the users without prime Status won’t get any skill group.

Ranked Matches are Prime-exclusive. Users without a prime status can only play unranked matches.

Private Rank is Prime-exclusive, Accounts without Prime will have locked private Rank, and they are no longer eligible for service medals.

It also acts as a barrier and filters out most hackers and bots as it’s Expensive after the update. The majority of the cheaters would cheat in F2P CSGO and avoid Prime after it became paid.

How to get CS:GO Prime for free?

It was Possible to Get a CSGO Prime Status for free by boosting a F2P account to Private Rank 21, but after CSGO Update on 06/03/21, CSGO Prime Status can only be purchased in-game or via steam store and its no longer possible to get CSGO Prime for free.

Is Private Rank 21 (Lieutenant) Required for CSGO Prime Status?

We Don’t need private rank 21 for Prime Status now. The only way to get Prime is via in-game purchase or steam store. Private Rank is just a method used for gaining a service medal after completing Private Rank 40 (Global General) and does not serve any other purpose.

Do we need to add a Phone Number for Prime Verification?

No (After The CSGO Update On 06/12/18, It’s not Mandatory to Add A Number for Prime Verification, but we recommend you to add one as it increases the security of your CSGO Prime Account and Significantly improves the Trust factor.

Can Prime and Non-Prime users Play together?

Yes, Of course, Users with CSGO Prime Status can play with Non-Prime users, but only a selected Game Modes are available, i.e. Unranked, Deathmatch, Casual & War Games. Additionally, a Lobby having Non-Prime users won’t be able to participate in Ranked Matches.

Having Prime Status Improves Trust Factor?

A User with CSGO Prime Status will benefit from the trust factor, as Steam itself confirmed it. Factors like Rank, Prime Status, Mobile Number Attached, Reports, Commends etc., affect the Trust factor.

Currently, there is no way to measure the Trust Factor, but we can assure you our accounts are of excellent quality and are never reported.

Benefits of Prime Accounts at a glance

  • Save Your precious time and money with the right Prime Account.
  • Start CSGO Journey with Rank of your choice.
  • Prime gives you an exclusive access to XP, Rank & Item Drops.
  • Better Matchmaking
  • Equally Skilled Opponents
  • Less of Cheaters and Unethical Players
  • Our Ranked accounts are inexpensive. Money spent on these CSGO Prime Status account is worth every penny.
  • Improves Trust Factor
  • Significantly Better Team Mates
  • Play Among an average of 1M Daily Players

So, why not just spend a little on your prime account, and in return, you get more and more. It is indeed worth it.

Csgosmurfnation Provides you with prime accounts that are perfectly tailored as per your requirements.

For General FAQ’s Please visit our FAQ Page.

In Simple Words, Buy CSGO Prime And Get Ranked CSGO Accounts at The Cheapest and Best Possible price.