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CS:GO Ranks | How to Rank Up Fast | How to And More

CS:GO ranks

CS:GO Ranks

The ranking system in cs:go is something which plays a vital role in the mm, also known as matchmaking, that is the competitive matches. In counter strike global offensive, the ranking system has been classified into 18 ranks. The lowest being the Silver 1, and highest being the Global Elite. Here’s a chart for all the ranks that are available:


What role does CS:GO Ranks play?

The cs:go ranking system has been made to provide players a better experience by pairing them with other players according to their skill level, which in simple words describe bad to good. In counter strike global offensive, silvers are considered to be the worst at play, and people above le are considered to be pros. Well, things have changed, and there has been an increase in smurfs, that have forced us to keep that theory somewhat to rest.
Not only does CS:GO Ranks play a part in pairing players according to their skill level, it also provides them the encouragement to play and compete. Most players, in the beginning, make their way into silver or gold(most cases, not all), but eventually they make their way up the rankings, to be better and good.

CS:GO Ranking System in Depth.

So, now that you have an idea what csgo ranks are and what role do they actually play in CS:GO, let us know a little more about them.
Let’s start with the very basic thing, getting a rank. Counter strike global offensive gives you the opportunity to play matchmaking, once you’re PR2, which is private rank 2. Before we go further on getting ranks, a little note on Private ranks.

Private Ranks in CS:GO

Counter-Strike Global Offensive also offers private ranks, which are gained by in-game XP, it is something you get by playing each match, be it deathmatch, casual or competitive. There’s a weekly bonus, which provides an additional amount of XP each week. Xp can be used in several ways, to make your account prime, which is on private rank 21, or get yourself an in-game service medal, which is on private rank 40.

So, now that you’re on private rank 2, all you have to do is win 10 competitive matches, to get your first rank! Which will in future, determine the skill level you will play with. In the beginning, the game allows you to win only 2 competitive matches, which then results in a 1-day cooldown. Later when you reach your 10′ win, you will get a rank displayed, and that will be your skill group! After getting a rank, you can play as many competitive, as you wish, because the competitive cooldown of 2 wins is only limited to the time you unlock a rank. Now, that we’re aware of what csgo ranks are, and how to get one, let’s discuss how to rank up in the next section.

How to rank up in CS:GO?

The key of ranking up in csgo, is getting better at the game. There are other ways to get yourself a better rank as well, like Buying A CS:GO Account from Us(cheapest and trusted), or Getting Boosted by a High Ranker and a few other ways. But, the way we’re discussing here will make your gameplay better, and therefore manually enabling you to rank up.
So, here are a few tips on ranking up in cs:go:
1. Warmup
Warmup is essential as to practice yourself, before landing into matchmaking, it enables you to focus better and be effective. Dm works out fine, but there are tons of custom maps on the workshop to help you out with it:
Workshop Maps:
1. Aim Botz – Training
Steam Workshop
2. training_aim_csgo2
Steam Workshop
3. Training Center 1.5c
Steam Workshop

2. Having Good Teammates
This is sort of a precaution is better than cure scenario. It’s advised to make a team and play, as for better communication and coordination. Not doing so, results in salty, cancerous and noob teammates, which will make you rage and eventually affect your gameplay and performance overall. Go on a few dms, or casuals, find some chill out guys, and ask them for a match or two together, eventually, you will form a team this way.

3. Practice aim, recoil and reflexes
Now that we have talked of having yourself warmed up and giving your best, this tip is do IMPROVE your game, and develop it further, for this, you can download the following maps: 1. Recoil Master – Spray Training
Steam Workshop
2. training_aim_csgo2
Steam Workshop
3. Aim Botz – Training
Steam Workshop

Custom maps are by far one of the greatest tools to improve and test your skills, but in the end, it is all up to the matchmaking, it provides Humans to play with, rather than bot practice. So, play more and more of matches in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and rank your skills further.

4. Play as a Team Player
Most people focus on going for frags, but in order to better your game, and rank up faster, play as a team player. Plant bombs, defuse them, help your teammates out, and that will help you rack up those MVPs.

5. Watch professional matches
Watching professional matches will enable you to catch on some game sense, it’s a great way to learn strategies, smokes, and pre-fire locations. For this, all you need to do is, go in-game or simply hop over youtube/twitch to catch some action! Every now and then, there are leagues taking place, where top teams compete, and those matches are really worth a watch.

6. Adjust your crosshair, sensitivity, viewmodels, etc.
All these small factors do improve/degrade your playing experience, especially your sensitivity, and crosshair. They are key factors in aiming, and having them to the perfect stage is necessary, for that, you can subscribe to the following maps and play around!
(Note: Make sure to have a backup of your files containing these)
1. crashz’ Crosshair Generator v3
Steam Workshop
2. crashz’ Viewmodel Generator
Steam Workshop

Well, that’s all for the tips, practice, coordination, and improvement. Those are the key factors of ranking up!