Hi there, Valve releases a game changing update for CS:GO by introducing new rank logos &¬†Trust Factor matchmaking. here are the new updated CS:GO rank logos Ranks Updated Logo Silver I (S1) Silver II (S2) ¬†Silver III (S3) ¬†Silver IV (S4) ¬† ¬†Silver Elite (SE) ¬†Silver Elite Master (SEM) ¬† ¬†Gold Nova I (GN1) ¬† […]

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Most useful CS:GO set launch options

Like with a lot of Valve‚Äôs¬† video games, Counter-Strike: global Offensive can take advantage of the source engine console to give you more options and better settings. it may even make practicing that easier and greater green. Being a Steam game, it additionally has launch options that can be configured to personalize stuff earlier than […]

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csgo update notes 8/11/17

CS GO Update 11/8/2017 Release Notes

As¬†all of us¬†realize¬†the¬†legendary¬†map¬†dust¬†2 has been¬†updated¬†to¬†a brand new¬†map with a-lot of¬†changes¬†and¬†bugs valve¬†sent¬†a¬†client¬†update¬†to¬†repair¬†a number of¬†the¬†recognized¬†bugs here¬†is the¬†update¬†release¬†notes ‚Äď Increased overall luminance 20% for all Kasbah materials and models for visibility. ‚Äď Fixed missing textures on some polygons of tarp model. ‚Äď Fixed flashbangs not blinding player through chain-link fences. ‚Äď Fixed edging around Kasbah alcove window which […]

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derank csgo rank

The fastest way to derank in CS:GO | CSGOSMURFNATION.COM

What is deranking? Deranking means a cs go player purposely loosing the game in order to get¬† deranked ( low csgo rank ), There are a lot of reasons to derank some might be a few cs go gamers desires lower ranked cs go account to play with buddies some¬†gamers¬†need¬†an account with¬†lower¬†ranks csgo account¬†so that […]

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cs go accounts

CSGO Accounts

What is¬†CSGO Smurf Account? CS:GO accounts are steam accounts used for smurfing in cs go, these cs go smurf accounts¬† are ranked from Private Ranks¬† to CS:GO Ranked Accounts ranging from ¬†All of¬†¬†Silver 1 all the way to the Global Elite. CSGO SMURFS are of two types high ranked cs go smurf or low ranked […]

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CS GO Service Medal

CS:GO Service Medal Guide

CS GO Service Medal¬† | How it Works CS GO Service Medal is reward to player who complete private rank 40 after tremendous efforts & hours of gaming. Private rank and XP is directly related to¬†CS GO Service Medal, you get an option to redeem service medal once you reach private rank 40. How do […]

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csgo practice config

CS:GO Practice Config

csgo practice config is prepared with the help of some of our pro cs go smurf account booster who boost these smurf accounts to high ranks such as the global elite and supreme master first class¬† cs go ranks, here is the practice config itself if u just want to copy it and¬†¬†Practice¬†CS:GO,   sv_cheats […]

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CS:GO Private Rank

CS:GO Private Rank guide

What is a CS:GO Private Rank? CS:GO Private Rank is earned By playing on official game servers, players gain experience points to increase the player’s Private Rank. The first time the player ranks up in a week, the player also receives a weapon drop. Prior to Operation Hydra, the operation’s pass holders are eligible to […]

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