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CS:GO Ranks | How to Rank Up Fast | How to And More

CS:GO ranks

CS:GO Ranks The ranking system in cs:go is something which plays a vital role in the mm, also known as matchmaking, that is the competitive matches. In counter strike global offensive, the ranking system has been classified into 18 ranks. The lowest being the Silver 1, and highest being the Global Elite. Here’s a chart […]

Best CS:GO launch options One muse use for smooth game and Fps boost

Like with a lot of Valve’s  video games, Counter-Strike: global Offensive can take advantage of the source engine console to give you more options and better settings. it may even make practicing that easier and greater green. Being a Steam game, it additionally has launch options that can be configured to personalize stuff earlier than […]

The Best, fastest and safest way to derank your CS:GO rank

What is deranking? Deranking means a cs go player purposely loosing the game in order to get  deranked ( low csgo rank ), There are a lot of reasons to derank some might be a few cs go gamers desires lower ranked cs go account to play with buddies some gamers need an account with lower ranks csgo account so that […]

CS:GO Prime Matchmaking vs Non-Prime aka Trust Factor matchmaking

CS:GO Prime Matchmaking vs Non-Prime aka Trust Factor matchmaking   Minimum CS:GO PRIVATE RANK required for both the matchmaking? Private rank 2 is the minimum requirement for Non-Prime Matchmaking whereas Private rank 21  is the minimum requirement for Prime Matchmaking in CS:GO. Making an account CS:GO prime enabled takes lot’s of efforts indeed.   Time […]